Online Lead Generation

Passing Leads allows the user, the friend or family they are helping find a service, and the business connect and all be rewarded. A completed sale results in a 5% reward of the total sale to the user. In turn the friend they referred will be given a valuable service from one of our approved businesses. The business will receive a new customer and completed sale. Everybody wins!

Referral groups can also utilize our Reward Loops, an online lead generation group that helps foster a business to business community.

  • Users rewarded for passing leads
  • Valuable leads that increase customer retention
  • Businesses connected to the major social networks
  • Pass Score rating system

Featured Highlights

Below are some of Passing Leads' many features that help you pass and receive leads from family and friends.

Lead Tracking

  • Organization by date and status
  • Export detailed reports
  • Open contact with lead generating users
  • Sent and received lead statistics

User Rewards

  • Earn 5% on successfully completed leads
  • Unique Passing Leads badges
  • Compete against friends for leaderboard position
  • Happy friends and family

Valuable Leads

  • Cultivates new customers
  • Leads generated by customer's family and friends
  • Requests come with need of services
  • Enhance customer retention

Social Interaction

  • Connect with new and existing customers
  • Increased word of mouth marketing
  • Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn integration
  • Share business updates & news

Trusted Services

  • Passing Leads approved businesses only
  • Valued customer feedback
  • Exclusive 'Pass Score' rating system
  • Financial verification and security